International Conference on Advances in Sustainability of Materials and Environment (ICASME 2019)
Volume 1 Special Issue 1
Organized By:- Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Chemistry

1. Experimental Study on Strength and Durability Properties of Concrete using Agro and Poultry Waste
Abitha.W.B, Smiline Shiny.D
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1 - 12
2. Experimental Study on Eco-Friendly Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement using Alccofine
Anjana A V, Dr.J.Jerlin Regin, Lourdu Amalan
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13 - 23
3. Study on The Quality of Tamiraparani River in Kanyakumari District
S.A.Anuja, V.Sreeja
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24 - 26
4. Efficient Detection of Spam by Monitoring Outgoing Messages using Reverse Dictionary
S.Gavaskar, LGXAL.Agnel Livingston
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27 - 30
5. Refined Cleansing Characteristics of HCL with Trihydroxy Chalcone in Mild Steel
R.Inigo, K. P. Vinod Kumar, V.A. Nagarajan
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31 - 39
6. Experimental Investigation on Geopolymer Concrete by Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate with Ceramic Tile Waste in Ambient Curing
Jeffy Pravitha.J, Joseph David Selvan
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40 - 50
7. Optimization of Cost and Energy for Residential Building using Double Glazing Window and Cool Roof Paint
Monisha.S, Johil Berni Cruz
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51 - 60
8. Removal of Copper from Waste Water using Paddy Husk
A.Maria Sheela
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61 - 64
9. Seasonal assessment of river Kodayar with reference to Physico-chemical parameters
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65 - 69
10. Experimental Study on Ferrocement using Jute Fibers and Starch
Smiline Shiny .D, Jerlin Regin .J, Jemi Mercilin .J, Neegitha R.S
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70 - 76
11. Analytical Investigation of RCC Building with Different Type of Slabs using Time History Method
Shekinah Wisy. W, Antony Vimal. P
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77 - 83
12. Comparative Cost Analysis and its Effective Management in Construction
S. Fermin Paul, E. LourduAmalan
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84 - 91
13. Determination of Modal Contribution Factor for Soft Storey Building
Anu Priya P S Antony Vimal P
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92 - 97
14. Effect of Treated Coconut Shells on Mechanical Property of Lightweight Concrete
Jerry Arun Joseph S, Sugadev S, Saju Anito Castolin R V, Dr.J Jerlin Regin
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98 - 104
15. Experimental Investigation on Foam Concrete AluminiumMetalic Powder
John Paul. F, Aldo Geo.S, Aravindh Babu.R.J, Jaston.V, Rana Pramod
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105 - 108
16. Experimental Investigation on the Mechanical and Durability Properties of Light Weight Elements using Straw and Other Additives
Ashwin.R, Dr. S. Carmel Jawahar
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109 - 114
17. Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Steel fiber and Silica Fume based High Strength Concrete with M- Sand
Frank Stephen S, Blesso Godwin G M
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115 - 120
18. Strength and Durability Properties of Concrete Made with Partial Replacement of Cement by Marble Powder and M-Sand by Silica Sand
Frank Stephen S, Relin Geo R
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121 - 127
19. Experimental Investigation on Geopolymer Concrete with Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate Using CTW
Joseph David Selvan.M, Sahaya Sofia.A
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128 - 136
20. Experimental Study of Aerated Concrete with Addition of Polypropylene Fibre
L. Porcia, J. Jerlin Regin, A. Asmin Swapna, S.P. Dinoba
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137 - 140
21. Experimental Investigation using Agro-Waste as Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate
Mrs. Shiela Balanta M.E., Priyanka K A
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141 - 148
22. Experimental Study on Water and Soil Near Coir Industrial Area
I Jessy Mol , P. Preema Angalin Navis, Reshani X Rose, Stefino J Benadict
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149 - 153
23. Flexural Behaviour of Recycled Aggregate Concrete using Silica Fume
Galesh M, Silva Prasanth S.J
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154 - 160
24. Software Development for Dynamic Analysis of Structures
SreeLekshmi Suresh, Dr. Bharati Raj, P. Antony Vimal
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161 - 170
25. Experimental Study of Strength Properties of Concrte by Partial Replacement of Cement by Marble Powder
AshmiJenika. C, DishaGnanaPriya.H, Majela Grace Jersy.C, Nishya. J L, JeyaSuren Raj. J
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171 - 177