Thesis Publication

Some times it is very difficult for many scholars and researchers to start writing articles for journals. We are providing a platform where PhD. or MTech. thesis can be published. It ensures that your research work will be available to many more people. when you get your summarized research published in the form an article/complete thesis, then your research reaches to a large number of readers as our published articles are indexed in major search engines and other important forums like CiteSeerX, DRJI, Google Scholar etc.

Very few people will be able to access to your research work as the college or university library is not linked to other libraries of the world and your contribution to the knowledge bank will be archived. If you wish to share your research and scholarly works with millions of people, then paper/thesis publication is the best way. Authors are invited to submit their original, dissertations and theses for consideration for publication in our Journal. Dissertations and theses in all scientific fields are most welcome.

Authors should note:

In the abstract field of knowledge, setting a parameter could be incongruous with the immediate thought. But, one has to follow a certain norm, when it comes to precision and appraisal. These are as follows:-

You can submit the required details by mail to