Volume 3 Issue 3

1. Influence of First Shape Factor in Behaviour of Rubber Bearings Base Isolated Buildings
Luan Murtaj, Enkelejda Murtaj
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2. Implementation of Virtual Class using WebRTC
Vinodh Kumar P, Punith Kumar N, Sunil V.R, Srinivas P Anvekar, Sanjeetha R
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3. Minimizing the Size of Android Application Updates and Network Traffic
M.Sangamithra, V.N.Sowmya, S.SriVidhyalakshmi, Ms.V.Sathiya
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4. Invigoration and Root Growth Enhancement of Mung Bean Seeds Through Pre-Treatment With Allium Cepa 30C - An Agrohomeo Study
Anindita Dey, Ruma Basu, Sukhen Das, Papiya Nandy
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5. Design & Analysis of Space Time Trellis Codes for Different Fading Channels
Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Prashant Kumar Pandey
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6. Extraction of Galactomannan from Medicinal Plant Cassia Fistula
Manoj Singh, J.P. Singh
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7. Efficient Access Control Mechanism For Relational Database
K.Pavithra, E.Elakiya, M.Thenmozhi
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8. Steganographic Techniques of Data Hiding using Digital Images
A.Komathi , M.Revathy, K.Sivasankari, Kavitha Subramani
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9. Influence of Ageing Process on the Chemichal Composition and Some Aromatic Compounds on Muschat Hamburg Distillate Produced in Albania
Klotilda Marku, Renata Kongoli, Vlash Mara
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10. Design of wireless EOG system for establishing Human Machine Interface
A.Saravanan, Silpa Ajith Kumar
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11. Design of Sewerage System in Hilly Areas and Various Challenges: A Case Study on Design of Sewerage System in Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Rajouri, Jammu And Kashmir, India
Zuhaib Zahoor Shawl, Yawar Mushtaq Raina, Shariq Mir
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12. A Review Paper on Development of Magnetic Refrigerator at Room Temperature
Prakash Chawla, Ankit Mathur
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