Volume 1 Issue 1

1. Application of Taguchi Method for Surface Finish Studies of a Dense Alumina Ceramic Material usnig 3-Axis CNC Grinding Machine
Ben Rajesh, Prabaha Das, Pranab Das
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2. ZVS Boost Converter with A Flyback Snubber Circuit
Karthika K , Suraj Damodaran
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3. Minireview: High-Productivity and Low-Cost Biobutanol Production by Integrated Process Development
Congcong Lu, Chao Ma, X. Margaret Liu
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4. An Empirical Study of MSMEs of Bamboo Made Home Appliances in Eastern UP3/Nylon11/MgCl2/PANI composites
Peeyush Pandey, Dr. Ram Sagar Singh, Nikhil Shrivastava
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