Volume 2 Issue 12

1. High Fluoride in the Ground Water in Parts of Khurda and Nayagarh District of Odisha
Laxmidhar Panda, Dr. B.B. Kar
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2. Modal Analysis of Body in White
G. R. Nikhade
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3. Hyperthermophilic Enzymes with Industrial Applications
K. Mojsov, A. Janevski, D. Andronikov, S. Zezova
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4. trans-Anethole Based Detection of Adulteration of Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Mill.) Seeds in Cumin (Cuminum Cyminum L.) Seeds Using GC & GC-MS
Dinesh Singh Bisht, Ramakrishna Menon K, Venugopal G
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5. The Effects of Macerating Enzyme Treatments and Aging on Phenolic Content and Chromatic Characteristics in Vranec Wines
K. Mojsov, A. Janevski, D. Andronikov, S. Jordeva
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6. Effect of ACES on Chemical Constituents of Feathers of Cock (Gallus domesticus)
Gupal, K.K. Bhardwaj, Nisha Rathor
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7. Common Fixed Point Theorems in Complex Valued Metric Spaces
T.Senthil Kumar*, R.Jahir Hussain
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8. Application of Global Thresholding Technique in White Brined Cheese Evaluation
Atanaska Bosakova - Ardenska, Petya Boyanova, Peter Panayotov
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9. Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues, Challenges & Solutions
Kavita Choudhary, Dr. Seema Verma
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