Volume 3 Issue 4

1. Design &Development of Semiautomatic Averaging Fixture for Engine Cylinder Block for Enhancement of Productivity & Quality
Pravin Gudale, Dr.Vinayak Naik
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2. Optical Properties and Spectroscopic Study of Nd3+, Eu3+, Pr3+ Doped Aluminobismuthphosphate Glasses as Optical Amplifiers
Beena Bhatia, Megha Agarwal, Ajay Singh Gehlot , S.P.Tandon
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3. Solving Multi-Objective Structural Design Problem using Fuzzy Optimization Method: A Comparative Study
Samir Dey, Tapan Kumar Roy
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4. A Robust Filtering System for Protecting Online Social Network User Walls
M. Himaja, S.Jessica Saritha
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5. Ultraviolet and Visible Upconversion Luminescence and Spectroscopic Properties in Neodymium Doped Soda Lime Silicate Glasses
Megha Agarwal, Beena Bhatia, Ajay Singh Gehlot
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6. HBase Testing and Performance on Cluster Mode
T.Ramakrishna, V.Brahmaiah, M. Chenna Keshava
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