Volume 2 Issue 4

1. Sonolytic decolourisation of Reactive orange 107 dye in the presence of Titanium dioxide and some Rare Earths through adsorption and degradation processes
Pankaj, Prem Kishore Patnala, Shikha Goyal
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2. Awareness of NAAC Assessment among Teacher Educators
B. Anboucarassy, Dr. R. Soureche
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3. An industrial Heat Pump for Steam and Fuel Savings
Rajnikant. S Jadhao, Tejay V.Lanjewar
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4. Study and Analysis of Image Compression Techniques For Enhancement of Compression Ratio For Efficient Transmission
Jitendra Jangir, Avnish Bora, Jai Prakash Sharma, Bablu Kumar Singh
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5. A Comparative Study of Classification Methods in Data Mining using RapidMiner Studio
Vishnu Kumar Goyal
Full Paper
6. An Experimental Analysis of Clustering Algorithms in Data Mining using Weka Tool
Vishnu Kumar Goyal
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7. AGNIHOTRA – A Non Conventional Solution to Air Pollution
Pushpendra K. Sharma, S. Ayub, C.N.Tripathi, S. Ajnavi, S. K. Dubey-- Removed on the request of Author
8. A Circular Monopole with a Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications
M.S. Narlawar, S. L. Badjate
Full Paper
9. The Importance of Nuclear Energy Utilization for Electricity Generation in Bangladesh
Md. Tasbirul Islam, A. Z. A. Saifullah
Full Paper
10. Automatic Attendance Marking and Parent Alerting System Using RFID And GSM
Augusta SophyBuelet. P, Gaddam Manoj Kumar,Gunda Venkatesh, Tanguturi Sai Jaswanth
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11. Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr. M . Ramana Kumar
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12. Bioremediation: A strategic alternative for treatment of textile effluent
Patel Feni, Marjadi Darshan
Full Paper
13. A Hybrid Template Security Technique using Multimodal Biometric Features
Srujan Satyavarapu, Farida Khurshid, Shoaib Amin Banday
Full Paper
14. A Review on Automated Detection, Classification and Clustering of Epileptic EEG Using Wavelet Transform & Soft Computing Techniques
Ashish Raj, Akanksha Deo, Meenu Kumari , Sweta Tripathi
Full Paper
15. Performance Analysis of Epileptic EEG Expert System Using Scaled Conjugate Back Propagation Based ANN Classifier
Ashish Raj, Akanksha Deo, Meenu Kumari , Sweta Tripathi
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16. Layerwise Security Framework with Snauth- SPMAODV to Defend Denial of Service Attack in Mobile Adhoc Networks for Hostile Environment
D.Devi Aruna, Dr.P.Subashini
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17. Use of Endothelin-1 (ET-1) and von Willenbrand Factor (vWF)as biological markers in patients with normo and micro albuminuria
Benereta Hoxha, Elsa Kone, Piro Paparisto, Eliziana Petrela, Ilir Arapi, Xheladin Çeka
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18. SOA Approaches Analysis and Integration with Emerging GUI
Md Tanvir Ahmad, Prof. M. Afsar Alam, Shah Imran Alam
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