Volume 2 Issue 5

1. Nanofluid Effects on the Flow with Suction or Injection Over a Moving Surface and Heat Transfer in Boundary Layer
Mohammad Mehdi Keshtkar, AmirTabatabaei mirhossyni
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2. Data Transfer Reliabilty and Congestion Control Strategies in Networks
Venkatesh.R, Kummaresan.A
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3. Modularity and Reuse
Charles Edeki
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4. TiC–TiB2 composites: A review of processing, properties and applications
Mitra Akhtari Zavareh, Dr.Ahmed Aly Diaa Mohammed Sarhan, Malihah Amiri Roudan, Parisa Akhtari Zavareh
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5. Secure Data Transmission using Blowfish Algorithm
Panem.Charan Arur, M. Sai Chandrasekhar, S.Sai Sreeram, K.RamKishore, S.Venu gopal
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6. Implementation of enhanced generic REST API for cloud audio station
R.Prashanth, V.N.Santhosh Ram, V.Srikrishna, E.Fenil
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7. Comparison of Selected Soil Chemical Properties of Two Mangrove Areas of East Coast of Andhra Pradesh South India
Amarnath Dogiparti, Ravi Kumar Kurapati, Sunil Kumar Duddu
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8. Study on The Prevalence of Pre Menstrual Syndrome and Its Relationship With Age at Menarche, Anthropometric Measure and Anemia
Rafia Bano, Khairiyah Ahmad Al Mulyhan
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9. An Efficient Carry Select Adder (with Reduced Area Application)
M.Manjula,Panem Charan Aurora, Bogati Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy,Vendidandi Ajith Babu, Kethu Dinesh, S.K.Mahmod Rafi
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10. Effect of Thallium Ratio on The Properties of Some Chalcogenide Thin Films
Muhammad A. AL-Jalali
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11. Natural Radioactivity of Catha Edulis (Khat) and Tobacco Plants Collected from Yemen
Muhammad A. AL-Jalali, Abdallah. A. Shaltout
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12. Decreasing Call Blocking Rate and Dropping rate by Implementing Resource Planning Model Through Auxiliary Station in Search Mode
Praveen Kumar, Vinay Prakash Sriwastava, Rishi Srivastava
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13. The Evolution of land use Pattern in Doujiaowan Village
Lijun Wang
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14. Trichomonasvaginalis: The Most Prevalent Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Among Female Patients, A Cause For Medical Care at Nagari Hospital (NH), Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria
YakoA.B, Maria F.I., Hassan, SC., Chassed G., Katuka G
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15. Cryptosporidium : A Cause for Hospital Admission Among HIV Patients at Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria
YakoA.B.,Bolade I.A., Chessed G., Katuka G., Hassan SC.
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16. An overview on Cerambicidae family (Insecta, Coleoptera) in Northern Albania
Ariana Striniqi Laçej, Kastriot Misja
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17. Boundary-Layer Flow over a Porous Medium of a Nanofluid Past from a Vertical Cone
Mohammad Mehdi Keshtkar, Jamaladin Hadizadeh
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18. Studies on Patterns of Budgeting of Daily Life Schedule Activities by Little Brown Doves (Streptopelia Senegalensis Senegalensis) and Their Interrelationships with Fluctuating Independent Variables
Deep Novel Kour, D. N. Sahi
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19. Phenotypic and Genotypic Screening of Rice Genotypes for Salt TolerancePhenotypic and Genotypic Screening of Rice Genotypes for Salt Tolerance
Ruby Rawal, Vipul Kumar, Mohammad Shahid, S. K. Sharma
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20. Unsteady Dusty Visco-Elastic Fluid Flow Between Oscillating Plates
T.Nirmala, B.J.Gireesha
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21. Potential of Agroforestry in Biodiversity Conservation
S. Sarvade
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