Volume 3 Issue 6

1. Effect of Dilution on Thermovoltage Generation using Homeopathic Nanomedicine Zincum Oxydatum
Poonam Bandyopadhyay, Papiya Nandy , Ruma Basu, Durga Sankar Dhar, Sukhen Das
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2. Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Using Multi Scale Decomposition and Anisotropic Diffusion
N. Aruna, P. Prasanna Murali Krishna
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3. Measures of the Third Party Logistics Information Development of E-commerce
Shanshan Guo
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4. Control Strategy of Stand-Alone Wind Based Energy Systems or Small Scale Power Grid Applications
Chenna Surendra, P.Sai Sampath Kumar
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5. A Study of Web Content Mining
C.Gunasundari, N.Eswari
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6. To Study The Properties of Geopolymer Concrete using Fly Ash and Slaked Lime
Mohammed Areeb Qidwai, Md. Abid Alam, Imran Alam
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7. Rearranged SVPWM Algorithm For Neutral Point Clamped 3-Level Inverter Encouraged DTC-IM Drive
Yelem Srikanth
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8. Wireless Network Sensors for Precise Agriculture Monitoring
S Vijaya kumar, Dr. D.VishnuVardhan
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