Volume 2 Issue 7

1. Evaluation the Inhibition of Steel in Petroleum medium by Tobacco Leaves Extract
Dr. Rana Afif Majed, Dr. Mohammed H. Alzuhairi, Hiba Anwer Abdullah
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2. Lipase and Glucoamylase Immobilization on The New Calcium Polyphosphate Support Obtained by Sol-Gel Method
CÚsar Milton Baratto, Elen Rossi, Jane Mary Lafayette Neves Gelinski, Vera Lucia Pissaia, Willian Kopp
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3. Back-shifting of Heat Pump Operation for Water Heating from Peak to Off Peak Energy Demand Period with Thermal Energy Storage
Agbanigo, A. Olubunmi
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4. Characterizing Arid Soils from Long-Term Use of Brackish Irrigation Waters
Louati Dhouha, Majdoub Rajouene, Abida Habib
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5. Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Investigation of Pyridinone Derivatives As Anti-HIV Prodrug
Mahmoud Saeedi,Ghasem Ghasemi , Shahab Shariati
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6. Resolution of Ascorbic Acid in The Presence of Uric Acid by The Montmorillonite K10-Clay/SDS Modified Carbon Paste Electrode
P. Jeevan Jyoti, K. Gangadhara Reddy, B. Sivananda Reddy, Y.Veera Monahara Reddy, G. Madhavi
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