Volume 2 Issue 2

1. Spatial Distribution of Non-point Source Pollution in Vembanad Lake
Kichu Paul, Binoy Alias M., Shiny Varghese
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2. A Case Study on Cloud burst induced Landslide
Kichu Paul, Binoy Alias M., Anniamma Chacko
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3. Derivation of Secondary Electron Energy Spectrum at Different Atmospheric Depth
Rena Majumdar
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4. Feasibility of ARECA Reinforced Concrete
Lovely K.M, Jithesh K, Laju Kottalil, Jaleen George
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5. User Authentication by Secured Graphical Password Implementation
Anil H. Rokade, Zafar Ul Hasan, Sonali A. Mahajan
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6. Embedded Based Real-Time Monitoring and Controlling System for Fish Hatchery
Aji Joy
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